Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Few Eugene Peterson Quotes

Without wonder we approach life as a self-help project. We employ techniques, we analyze gifts and potentialities, we set goals and asses progress. Spiritual formation is reduced to cosmetics.

If there is no Sabbath--no regular commanded not working, not talking--we soon become totally absorbed in what we are doing and saying, and God's work is either forgotten or marginalized.

(Through Sabbath) Our souls are formed by what we cannot work up or take charge of: We respond and enter into what the resurrection of Jesus continues to do on the foundations of creation, our work, and workplace.


Brotha Buck said...

Do you believe that the, or a sabbath should be observed on any particular day?

Michele said...

Hey Bubba - so fun to get back and see some quotes from you!!! GREAT new picture!!! Where was it taken?

Friar Tuck said...

I believe that the sabbath can be observed on any day of the week. The Saturday date is the closest to the Biblical injunction, but it seems clear to me that the emphasis of the commandment is the rhythm of "six days shalt thou labor, and on the seventh day thou shalt rest". My week generally starts on Tuesday, and I take Monday after all the church stuff as a day of rest...when I rest.

insomniacman said...

It's amazing how practical the Sabbath concept is, not only for doing God's work, but for our own well-being. We need rest; even God rested. I think in the New Jerusalem we'll all be busy as crap, but we'll also take appropriate time for rest. The idea of rhythm is the key, I think.