Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quotes from "Preaching Re-imagined"

In reference to the book Church as Theatre
"She explains how the theater become so powerful in many western culture that many churches began to utilize it as a metaphor and build their churches to allow for it. While this change in metaphor had a great impact on church architecture in the late had an even greater impact on the role of the pastor. The position of pastor changed from being a member of the community with a unique connection to being a main player on a stage with the congregation as audience. This new metaphor changed the pastors relationship with the congregation in a myriad of ways....over time the issues with the pastor and parishoner was not How are we with the living God? BUT What do you have for me to hear?(60)

It seems to me that faith formation is one of those things that ought to happen in the company of friends. If someone is going to speak to the most essential and intimate parts of my life, it seems the persona ought to know who I am and vise-versa.(89)

Educational theory tells us that people really only learn out of frustration--the frustration that they don't know but need to, the frustration that life isn't working but there must be a better way. Frustration isn't a bad thing. It is a necessary thing. (101)

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insomniacman said...

I think church should be more like theatre, but not in the "you sit and listen, I stand and talk" way. It should be a place to experience the story we find ourselves in (to shamelessly rob Brian McLaren). I totally agree about preaching needing to be less one-way. I feel I'm supposed to lead in the church, but I don't want to be The Pastor (booming church voice). I just want to help tell the story.