Saturday, September 24, 2005

Top 8 Unconventionally Sexy Things a Woman Can Do

There are certain things that I find attractive that I dont think most men do. Or at least most women do not think men do. Here they are:

1.) When a woman occassionally uses a word that I do not know--this is hot because it means she is intelligent. And intelligence, for me, is a huge turn on.

2.) When a woman is can carry on an informed conversation about beer. Especially domestic beer.

3.) When an otherwise well-groomed and manicured woman can pull her hair back and get dirty and love it. Like when you are on a mission trip in Mexico and the gal takes on the "no shower challenge" to heart. Why? It means generally the woman is cares enough to look good and take care of herself, but that it is not the end all and be all of who she is.

4.) When a waitress calls me honey, sugar, and baby. I know she just wants a bigger tip, and guess what IT WORKS.

5.) Small acts of servanthood without fanfare. A person who gives of herself just because of who she is is a HUGE turn-on--and makes me think the person has definite long-term relationship potential.

6.) A woman who stands up for me sometimes. I know a lot of women see this as a non-negotiable in a man, but a woman giving a verbal tyrade in defense of her man is also pretty hot if you are that guy. As long as it does not happen to often.

7.) A woman who isn't afraid to eat a healthy amount in front of you. I hate it when you go out to eat, and all she orders is a salad. EAT A BURGER WOMAN! Ok, I dont really eat a lot of burgers anymore, but you know what I mean.

8.) A woman who knows something about car mechanics.



Brotha Buck said...

A woman who can drink a beer. Now that is sexy.

jane said...

does this mean that I have to learn how to drink beer to be sexy?

oh man.

I learned how to drink coffee this year- not for sexy but for energy- and now if I don't, I get a headache.

the other stuff, that I can do.

OK here's one for the man;

When my husband was trying to get my attention- before we started dating- he did something so unusual, it got me thinking about him.

He had been to my humble apartment. My chairs around the table consisted of only 2; one for my son and one for myself. They didn't match.

He showed up for a first date with a set of 6 good quality hard oak dinning room chairs.

WoW! roses, they're pretty but they die.
The chairs. That spoke about something really different. That was sexy.

Friar Tuck said...

Good one jane!

becca said...

This is a GREAT list!

Of course, I do love lists...

bobbie said...

great list tuck - did you see i meme-d you on my blog?? 5 questions??

SUPER said...

Okay first of all, you're hilarious!
Second...Amy and I LOVE the word pulchritudinous! Januea could definitely educate ANYONE on the world of domestic beers! I'm okay with getting dirty, but am done when I start stinking..which usually doesn't take too long (Ask AMY!)
And sometimes, a girl just really craves a good salad! Outback has one of the best!