Monday, September 19, 2005

Katrina and the Looter Insurgency

The other night I was watching the news and I learned something very interesting! Many of the looters in New Orleans were not even in New Orleans. Gangs from Memphis, Dallas, and the like (learning from the Iraqi insurgency model in my opinion)loaded up their SUVs, got boats, and moved into New Orleans to systematically loot the city. Rival gangs were fighting each other at night etc while the police officers were not reporting to work because they were taking care of their families. When National Guard and millitary troops came in, they said that the gunfire and warfare at night was as chaotic as anything they had experienced in Bagdhad.

So many of those looters carrying off televisions that you saw might not have been from New Orleans after all, but gangsters attempting to load up SUVs and moving vans with things that they could steal and return home to sell on the street or the pawn shop. As FREAKONOMICS shows us, most adult gangsters live at home with their moma's. Lets hope this at least gets some of them out of the house.

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januea said...

How ludacris is that!! The thought just angers me!