Monday, September 26, 2005

More strangeness afoot in my apartment complex

Well, I come home from the car wash and working out, and once again the police are at my apartment building, running up the stairs with guns drawn to arrest a guy trying to get somebody to let him into an apartment that was not his upstairs.

Two months, and two major police incidents, midweek, in my apartment building. Not my complex, my building of 12 apartments. This is crazy.

Turns out I think the guy was drunk and new to the complex, but he was resisting arrest and all of that, and the cops have been here for about 45 minutes, which means they are probably doing a background check.


Thought all of you would want an update on my daily drama at the apartment complex.


Brea said...

When is your lease up?! Geez.

SUPER said...

Where do you live again...Melrose Place?